Energy Solutions


      Our customers value professional, flexible and quality installations. It is our priority to assure the flawless and fast service, with minimum impact on production.

      Our teams work 24/7 to deliver complete, end to end projects according to agreed schedule. 

      • Complete low and high voltage installation
      • Design, project documentation and revision
      • Electrical civil works
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      Preventive maintenance and timely audits may save a lot of costs related to failures of electrical machines, production outages and unplanned investments.

      Our maintenance service prolongs lifetime and warranty of all electrical equipment, making sure that all the maintenance work is scheduled and agreed with customers. 

      • Preventive maintenance (solar, lighting, switchboards, installation etc)
      • Real time monitoring and cleaning of PV systems
      • Priority assistance and 24/7 emergency service
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      The NET ZERO goal is becoming a standard among our customers, and in order to help them create their roadmap towards it we always start with energy metering. To make data driven decision related to energy efficiency, metering is an obvious first step.

      • Complete visibility of energy consumption and generation
      • Proactive management based on data
      • Issue notifications and active failure prevention
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