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Customers looks into us when seeking a competitive advantage by offering the optimum solutions to their tenants and workers. They are frustrated their current system is old, not meeting standards and expensive in maintenance, facing excessive waste of energy growing CO2 emissions.

The most common issues our clients are facing are:

  • High temperature = which doesn’t allow using old technology, or is extremely expensive and time consuming in maintenance (PIRELLI / CATERPILLAR / NEMAK / FRISA / HYSTERYALE)
  • Height = the fixtures are installed at very high height (over 20m) and the maintenance becomes a nightmare for the facility manager
  • Clean rooms = the environment has to be kept in highest standard of cleanness, and the standard fixtures doesn’t meet the strict requirements from the officials (NPA / RINA / NEOPHARMA)
  • Food processing = where according to standard, fixtures cannot contain hazardous materials like Mercury or Lead (COCACOLA / PEPSICO / PEMSA / MASTERFOODS)
  • High light intensity = biggest challenge for the quality control spaces, where the light levels has to be as high as possible, but the old technology is not delivering enough (PIRELLI / TOYOTA / BMW / TENIGAL / BADER / GST)
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