Josefuv Dul

      Josefuv Dul
      Europe, EU
      Roof solar solutions
      Savings ton CO2 297
      Installed Capacity 927 kWp
      Annual Production 778.302 MWh
      PV installed capacity 927 kWp
      Number of panels 3,870 pcs
      Type of panels Renesola JC235S-24/Bb Renesola JC240S-24/Bb
      Number of inverters 87 pcs
      Type of inverter SMA Sunny Mini Central 7000, 10000 a 11000TL
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      The photovoltaic power station with an output of less than 1 MWp, which is built on the roofs of the Josefův Důl industrial park close to Mladá Boleslav.

      The power station is one of the most technically complex projects in the Czech republic, as it is a combination of 16 roofs of different surface quality, inclination, orientation and size, where the output is brought to one point.

      The whole project was realized within two months and the power station supplies the whole park with electricity.

      The photovoltaic power station monitors all production parameters, including all meteorological data, has a complete overview of the output and efficiency of the system.

      Thanks to the operation of the photovoltaic power station, it offers its tenants a cheap rate of electricity.

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