md elektronik

      md elektronik
      león, MEX
      Production hall
      Roof solar solutions
      Savings ton CO2 438
      Installed Capacity 502 kWp
      Annual Production 1006 MWh
      PV installed capacity 502 kWp
      Number of panels 865 pcs
      Type of panels Longi Solar, 580Wp
      Number of inverters 7 pcs
      Type of inverter SMA STP62-US-41
      Realization parameters

      MD Elektronik is a global provider of electronic solutions, serving a range of industries with design, manufacturing, assembly, and testing services. The company is committed to delivering innovative and high-quality solutions to meet customers‘ needs.

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      With the use of cutting-edge technology, including 865 monocrystalline solar panels, our team delivered a solution with a 502 kWp installed capacity. This system is capable of producing 1,006 MWh annually, resulting in a significant reduction of 438 tons of CO2 emissions per year. By leveraging renewable energy, our client is not only reducing their carbon footprint but also achieving substantial cost savings.

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