Are you still using old and inefficient lighting system? Maybe you are looking for better and cheaper solution? Or simply you do not have time to make lighting your priority?

I have a bad news for you. YOU ARE WASTING MONEY EVERY DAY!

Our records show that we bring over 70% savings to our customers across all different types of industry. What is more LED lighting is considered as one of the safest investments, since the savings are guaranteed and the average ROI is around 2 years.


Imagine your current electricity bill for lighting is 36,000 USD (3,000 USD a month).

New lighting system cost is 50,400 USD and it will generate 70% of savings (your new electricity bill would be 10,800 USD a year which is 900 USD a month).  
2,100 USD of monthly savings!

With the ROI of 2 years, you start to save real money, which you can spent on other investments or buy yourself a reward :-)


And by the way, money is not the only benefit of LED!

If you are interested, but you do not have investment capital please contact us, maybe we could help with our #LAAS program.

Do not waste time and


Pirelli - Light As A Service

It's been a year since we launched the Light As A Service #LAAS project for our largest partner in Central Mexico - Pirelli.

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Light Up! New Web

Finally, after weeks of hard work under the quarantine umbrella, we are ready to announce the launch of our new website!

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Increase your earnings through lighting energy savings

Operating cost reduction is the fastest way how to increase the company profit. This is easy to accomplish through energy savings.

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Good lighting increases productivity

Is there a way to increase employee productivity? The solution may be to change your lighting system.  It is obvious that having a good lighting system brings savings on energy cost. However, improving your lighting system brings many of other benefits. It is the starting point for improving workplace safety and increasing employee productivity. This is why it is an investment that will definitely benefit your bottom line.

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Let lighting as a service boost your profit!

It is time to learn about the potential of LIGHT AS A SERVICE (LAAS). Use the opportunity to upgrade to newest lighting technology without any capital investment. Exploit all the benefits of the new technology and increase your profits from the day one. Forget about maintenance and operating issues. How it works?

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Main benefits of LED lighting

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