Increase your earnings through lighting energy savings

Operating cost reduction is the fastest way how to increase the company profit. This is easy to accomplish through energy savings. 
Implementation of energy saving measures is a low risk investment. You can easily calculate how much you are going to save through calculating how much you spend on energy bill now versus how much you would pay in the future after the implementation of energy saving solutions. For some companies may also be interesting to know that while they are going to reduce their energy costs they are also cutting down their negative impact on the environment due to significant reduction of greenhouse emissions. 
There are many ways how to reduce the energy cost and improve the bottom line regardless of the sales volume. The cheapest and most effective way is switching to the LED lighting technology. The market shows that it reduces the energy consumption by over 60% and brings million dollar savings through the lifetime of the system. Moreover LED technology is considered as one of the safest solution thanks to quick return on investment (ROI) and proven record of generated savings brought by highest efficiency.
Since 2010 situation on industrial lighting market has changed more than fast. The experts from Goldman Sachs claims that by 2025 LED is going to cover over 95% of all used luminaries.

Where to start

The LED market is continuously growing and it is hard to recognize what is the right solution for your company. The best possible way is to find a company that is specializing in lighting projects. The right approach and know how is crucial for maximizing benefits and reducing risks. It involves technical audit to understand the present situation and gather knowledge of customer requirements. Professional design that helps select the most suitable luminaires, verify if it meets technical standards and most importantly advise on automation solutions (day light saving and motion sensor, management systems) to maximize energy savings. Economic analysis that estimates potential savings, calculates ROI and offers best financing options. Finally installation that guarantees that the whole project meets customer expectations. 

Our mission is to ensure highest customer satisfaction through timely delivery of superior service and product. We take full responsibility for the lighting project, guarantee results and securing the continuity of production” says Argia Mexico S.A. de C.V. CEO Vit Kovarik

The costs of not starting saving NOW

It is important to note that the longer you wait with the new more efficient lighting technology the bigger is the sum of the money you waste. It does not matter if you are planning a new development project, to change an existing installation or to simply upgrade your lighting system. The right path always leads to LED. With a quick return of investment and a low risk you can immediately reduce waste, maximize savings and increase future profit while enjoying all the benefits of new LED lighting system.


Our Overall Achievements

We have just celebrated 7 years of Argia Mexico and, taking advantage of this opportunity, I would like to quote numbers that show how many of our clients have already trusted us.

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Industrial #solarroof installation of 0.5MW is simpler than you might think

Due to many political reasons the photovoltaic (PV) business in Mexico has been slowed down, but I am not going to discuss it in this post.

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Ok, so what this #SUSTAINABILITY actually means?

For many people around the industry it is just a simple buzzword which somehow relates to ecology, but it is more than that.

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Here you find some guidelines on how to start a lighting upgrade project in your company.

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Are you still using old and inefficient lighting system? Maybe you are looking for better and cheaper solution? Or simply you do not have time to make lighting your priority? I have a bad news for you. YOU ARE WASTING MONEY EVERY DAY!

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Pirelli - Light As A Service

It's been a year since we launched the Light As A Service #LAAS project for our largest partner in Central Mexico - Pirelli.

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Good lighting increases productivity

Is there a way to increase employee productivity? The solution may be to change your lighting system.  It is obvious that having a good lighting system brings savings on energy cost. However, improving your lighting system brings many of other benefits. It is the starting point for improving workplace safety and increasing employee productivity. This is why it is an investment that will definitely benefit your bottom line.

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Let lighting as a service boost your profit!

It is time to learn about the potential of LIGHT AS A SERVICE (LAAS). Use the opportunity to upgrade to newest lighting technology without any capital investment. Exploit all the benefits of the new technology and increase your profits from the day one. Forget about maintenance and operating issues. How it works?

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Main benefits of LED lighting

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Here are the main inputs on LED Technology profits from Tomasz Zemelka (Director of Operations) for Mexico Industry Magazine.

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