Let lighting as a service boost your profit!

It is time to learn about the potential of LIGHT AS A SERVICE (LAAS). Use the opportunity to upgrade to newest lighting technology without any capital investment. Exploit all the benefits of the new technology and increase your profits from the day one. Forget about maintenance and operating issues.

How it works?

LAASChange your focus from buying and owning lighting systems to smarter, service based business model. Instead of investing up-front, you get service that is exactly designed to cover your needs for a simple monthly fee. You contract your LAAS provider to install the system at your place with zero initial costs. The monthly fee for the service is more than recovered by the savings achieved from switching to efficient and smart solution. The savings are guaranteed and after covering the operating costs of LAAS there is enough money left to boost your profit!
Many times lighting upgrade is not a part of your budget and CAPEX projects are focused on your core business. Unlike traditional financing or lease that would show up on your balance sheet, LAAS is self-funding operating expense generating savings and cash flow from the day one.

What is there for me?

LAASFor all these reasons LAAS is the flexible collaborative platform that will upgrade your premises to the most efficient and effective lighting technology. Your LAAS provider will deliver lighting design according to your requirements, so you have light where it is needed. They will install the lighting system so it doesn’t disrupt your production. They will finance the project and take full responsibility for the solution by signing Service Level Agreement (SLA) that guarantees maintenance of the system, quick response time in case of any maintenance, setup or configuration adjustments and status reports. Last but not least you will immediately start saving.

The bottom line. 

Find a lighting solution provider to get your LAAS offer and enjoy all the benefits that LAAS gives you. Do not waste time and start saving NOW!



Are you still using old and inefficient lighting system? Maybe you are looking for better and cheaper solution? Or simply you do not have time to make lighting your priority? I have a bad news for you. YOU ARE WASTING MONEY EVERY DAY!

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